Why Us

Benefits With Falcon-i

Our advantages are unparallel and unmatched when compared to other tracking companies in Pakistan.

Our solution is not just reliable but it also enhances your productivity and efficiency in several ways:

  • Cost effective, reduction in fuel, insurance, maintenance and mobile communications.
  • Accurate positional intelligence of fixed assets and associated activities.
  • Greater effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by providing a transparent and efficient service.
  • Improvement in employee and asset safety.
  • Greater productivity and increased performance by streamlining paper-based systems such as time sheet verification.
  • Accountability, as the facility in the device provides critical information during incident investigation.
  • Greater visibility of fuel workers.
  • Better management information, which supervisors can use to effectively improve change or adjust certain business processes.

Key Functionality:

  • Asset Tracking-Using GPS technology and communication gateways, Falcon-i on board unit provides geographic position and status information about vehicles.
  • Field resources can be dispatched in case of emergency based upon accurate geographical information.
  • Vehicle diagnostics telemetry - The Falcon-i Unit records input and output activities, showing vehicle position, condition etc.
  • Falcon-i Software monitors vehicle performance and remote control facility supports on demand requests and status changes.
  • Falcon-i Capability - The Unit can register 7,000+ events, including ignition on/off, time, distance and speed. This can prove very useful in the case of poor network coverage.
  • Integration to third party interface - Our Software can be integrated with a range of CRM.