Company background

What is Falcon-i?

We are a large business group and Falcon-i is a vehicle tracking company that has emerged into a competitive business environment where service providers are compelled to optimize resources, timely information has become a critical issue in achieving success. Falcon-i offers a state-of-the-art solution which integrates moving object controls and has been put into place to fill the yawning gaps in the market for a company that enables you to have access over your vehicle through GPS and GPRS.

Products and Options

What is Falcon-i offering?

We currently offer four packages, which are priced accordingly with features.

  • Elevate
  • Elegant
  • Elite
  • Explorer

Will my insurance company offer me a discount if I have Falcon-i installed in my vehicle?

That solely depends on the insurance company that is offering our device

How can I upgrade my package?

You can upgrade your package by paying different amount.

What documentation are required to register for Falcon-i?

CNIC and Vehicle Registration document.

For how long are Falcon-i products under warranty?

Falcon-i will repair the damages to satisfy you any time within the Warranty Period---.This warranty will not be applicable if the device is been repaired by someone else then Falcon-i workshop or has been damaged due to Collision or Water Damaged.

Are Falcon-i’s product compatible with type of vehicle?

Yes, the devices used by Falcon-i are workable with all types of vehicles.

Can I get my Tracking Device transferred to another vehicle?

Yes,you can get your unit transferred from one vehicle to another. However, in-order to avoid any inconvenience you should inform the Customer Service Department and they will guide you through the procedure.

Can I change the ownership of tracking device?

Yes, you can change the ownership but for that you have to complete required documentation accordingly i.e. NOC letter and new owner N.I.C and contact details.

What will happen if I personalize my Vehicles Registration no?

It is essential and advisable that you should inform the Customer Service Department about the changes you have made regarding your vehicle’s registration number. Reason for Switch from XYZ Tracking Co.

Why should I switch to Falcon-i?

With state of the art Infra structure Falcon-i monitor your vehicle through GPS and GPRS which is a cost effective and efficient way through which monitoring of the vehicle is done in less time span.


What Technology Falcon-i is using to track vehicles?

Vehicles are monitored by GPS, GPRS & GSM.

What are GPS and GPRS?

GPS is the Global Positioning System which locates the vehicle from the satellites giving its exact location.

GPRS is the Global Positioning Remote Service, this enables you to know about the speed and lets the agent to send request for vehicle’s position in less time manner.

How does the device work?

Falcon-i gets vehicle status through GPRS and GSM technology by using SMS.

What is the difference between FM-2100 and FM-4100?

FM-2100 transmission is used for normal automobiles. On the other hand FM-4100 is designed for Fleet Management.


How much time will it take for the device to be installed in my car?

Usually it takes approx 4-6 hours for device installation and hardware procedure.

Does Falcon-i work in other cities?

Yes Falcon-i does work in other cities and also has monitoring throughout the country 24/7.

Can I change my vehicle’s password?

Yes, you change your password anytime you want by contacting Falcon-i security dept.

What if my car got stolen or snatched?

First of all never resist simply handover the vehicle in case of snatch and deny if enquire about the tracking device installed in the vehicle. Then immediately call Falcon-i control room at 111-007-333 and inform us about the incident in brief, we will start our recovery operation immediately and keep you updated accordingly..

Whom should I contact if incase my car does not get recovered?

Keep enquiring from Falcon-i Security Manager about the vehicle, you will have to formally lodge an inquiry with the FIR we will guide you through the process.


What will happen if the battery of my car is tampered?

In case of a battery tamper /battery disconnection the Falcon-i Control Room along with the Police responds immediately to the scenario as the device sends High Alert alarms to the Control Room. To avoid any such actions against your vehicle, it is advised that you should inform the Falcon-i Control Room that you are removing your battery for any sort of work; otherwise, you would be facing the inconvenience.


When should I get my Tracker Device re-checked?

The devices used by Falcon-i are designed to work smoothly and are with a 5 year warranty. The device is accustomed for a self test through the signals.

Does the Tracker device affect my Car Battery?

Devices used by Falcon-i are work on full potential on a low battery consumption. However, some electronic abnormality can consume more battery than the normal pace.