Falcon-i Agri Monitor

Smarter agriculture through field management, field operations planning and crop management.Get complete control and visibility of vehicle and manpower productivity.

Gain Remote Access to Your Field

Designed to give you complete control over your land, Agri Monitor gives you updates about your assets – crops, machinery, and field force – all without the need for your physical presence.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Set speed limits on your equipment and machinery and parameters for how much area each covers – ensuring your crops are treated with the utmost care. Sit back and receive real time data, allowing you to be in the driver’s seat even from miles away.

Maximize Your Crop Yield

Agri Monitor empowers you to optimize all your agricultural resources such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides – allowing you to view how much of your area has been covered, or omitted and if any area has been covered more than once.

Stay Connected to Your Field

Now you can be in complete control of your field even from miles away. Our advanced technology gives you access to all the important details no matter where you are. Be in control of every detail - all from the comfort of our app.

Be Data Driven

Maximize productivity by optimally utilizing your resources. Track performance, stay informed in real-time, and monitor key metrics. Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators.

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