Falcon-i Bike Track

Stay connected wherever your motorcycle goes! Falcon-i Bike Track keeps you posted on your bike’s exact location and gives you reports on its speed, mileage, and much more.

Locate Your Bike

Falcon-i Bike Track gives you real-time data of your motorcyle's exact whereabouts, from nearest landmarks to the exact street it is on – stay connected wherever it goes. More than one bike? Track each motorbike's whereabouts from your cellphone.

Water Resistant

That's right. Falcon-i Bike Track’s tracker is water resistant. Say goodbye to worries about your tracker’s protection and send your motorbike wherever it needs to go, whenever it needs to!

Set Geo-Fences

Falcon-i puts you in charge. You can allow your motorcycle to cross over highways and borders or receive customized alerts to notify you of any unexpected movements. We can also disable the engine or keep it running – all based on your decision.

Stay Secure

With Falcon-i Bike Track, your motorbike is always safe. When bad things happen, we'll be there for you. Our nationwide theft recovery team is one of the best in the business. With Falcon-i Bike Track, your vehicle can be immobilized whenever you need.

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