Falcon-i Campus Tag

An advance access-control solution that gives you absolute security, whatever type of facility you run. Manage your operations in real time from anywhere, on any device. Our dashboard allows you to stay in control 24/7.

Upgrade your Attendance

Designed to empower employees and employers alike – Campus Tag operates though a simple app which detects when one is entering or exiting the campus. Gone are the days of fingerprinting as Campus Tag upgrades you to the latest in attendance monitoring and reporting.

Secure Your Property

With Falcon-i, your property is safe. With Campus Tag, you can have visibility of who is accessing different areas of your building and when – all without the need of a guard, biometric card, or fingerprinting. Our monitoring system keeps you in the know even if you are miles away from your property.

Make Every Minute Count

Campus Tag monitors attendance in real time – without the hassle of fingerprinting on a shared device. The moment an employee enters (or exits!) their attendance record will be updated and they can jump straight to business.

Restrict Access

Now you can limit access to certain rooms or areas within your building. Have storage units or confidential documents? Now keep all your assets protected by limiting access to specific rooms on your campus.

Be Data Driven

Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators, go back in time and check the history, all whilst recording who is entering or exiting your building and when.

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