Falcon-i Cold Chain

We’ll help you keep the cold in, and make sure it stays in, so you can ensure top product quality to your customers. You’ll get complete visibility and control of your entire operation through our combination of sensors and instant alerts.

Monitor the Temperature

Designed to give you remote access to the temperature of your products, your goods can now travel miles away while you sit back and monitor their temperatures with Falcon-i Cold Chain. A complete end to end business solution, Cold Chain monitors the temperature of your goods whether they are in the warehouse or on the road!

Improve Efficiency

Reduce response time to temperature related events. Cold Chain keeps you informed in real time, so you can make decisions in real time.

Minimize Wastage

Reduce the costs of rejected shipments by monitoring the temperature of cold storage units and refrigerated vehicles in your supply chain. Empowering you to always stay ahead of the curve and ensure your products receive the utmost care.

Track your Cargo

You can stay connected with your products wherever they go. Cold Chain is built on Fleet Control which gives you access to a host of other benefits. Pair it up Logistics Optimiser and you got yourself an end-to-end business solution!

Be Data Driven

Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators, go back in time and check the history, and record the temperature of your entire cold chain.

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