Falcon-i Field Tag

The Field Tag App turns an Android device into a GPS tracker. The application relieves organizations from hardware acquisition costs and allows effective personnel tracking and workforce management. It empowers organizations to gain insights into the performance and efficiency of their resources, be they drivers, technicians, sales representatives, or any other field staff.

Field Tag can be used to mark attendance, register field visits, keep track of vehicle motion, distance covered and, fuel consumed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With no restrictions on the number of users, organizations big and small can use Field Tag for efficient resource management so the company can stay focused on what matters most.


Field Tag offers 24/7 accessible and customizable portal for the company with visibility and real-time status of all employees with complete account summary. An employee can be added and deleted from the portal anytime as desired by the organization. It offers remote configuration from web interface with preset and custom user modes for quick configuration.


Field Tag offers "watch on a unit" service to keep track of a resource. It offers precise location detection to quickly track personnel outside their vehicles during field operations.


Field Tag tracks employee’s attendance, number of trips made, distance covered, tracks the speed of the vehicle and movement of the employee even when the internet is switched off.


Field Tag offers reports related to employee attendance, visit-ins and distance covered etc. and has a smart data collection mode to save battery life and traffic.

Boost Operations

Field Tag ensures complete visibility over your field force and provides control of your field operations, allowing you to increase the productivity of the business.

Control at your Fingertips!

Need to check on your field team? with a field tag you can continuously monitor your field staff's exact location and stay connected with your team on the GO!

Stay Connected

The application offers an in-app chat feature, quick sending of photos, locations, and SOS-messages organization, allowing them to improve resource management through effective communication.

Be Data Driven

Maximize productivity by optimally utilizing your resources. Track performance, stay informed in real-time, and monitor key metrics. Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators.

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