Falcon-i Fleet Care

Keep your fleet running smoothly by enhancing your maintenance process. Automated alerts, better cost management and advanced planning help with preventive maintenance, so you can get the most out of your fleet.

Manage Maintenance

Designed to ensure your fleet is always in perfect shape, Falcon-i Fleet Care keeps you up to date with the maintenance needs of every single vehicle in your fleet – ensuring your vehicles are always ready to go.

Cost Management

Plan ahead and add it all up! With Fleet Care, it’s easy to work out the maintenance costs for your entire fleet. Your information is stored for you to refer to even years later, and you can easily use last year’s recorded data to plan this year’s maintenance.

Plan and Prevent

With Falcon-i Fleet Care, your vehicles are always cared for. Now schedule vehicle maintenance in advance and ensure you avoid costly breakdowns. You could also potentially extend the life of your vehicles by scheduling routine maintenance checks.

Automated Alerts

What is important to you, is important to us. Fleet Care keeps track of it all and pops up an alert for you whenever a scheduled maintenance is coming up. Never miss another oil change again!

Be Data Driven

Optimally utilize your resources. Track performance, stay informed in real-time and monitor key metrics. Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators.

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