Falcon-i GenTrack

Designed to give you all the information about your generator, GenTrack empowers you to know your generator’s fuel status and so much more, so you can stay in control, wherever you are.

Monitor Fuel Consumption

With GenTrack, you can check your generator’s fuel status whenever you need, without the need of manual checking. Our app will provide all the details to you, so your generator is always ready to keep your business operations running smoothly.

Minimize Pilferage

Is your generator guzzling too much fuel or are you receiving questionable receipts? Now stay ahead of the curve and in control at all times. Our app will give you full visibility so that you can make empowered decisions.

Check The Battery Status

That’s right, with GenTrack you can check your generator’s battery status anytime you want, without needing to step outside for a manual check-up. Now keep your generator working at full power and get an alert when the battery needs some extra attention.

Be Data Driven

With GenTrack, you can log the generator’s engine run hours to ensure timely maintenance of services and always stay ahead of the curve.

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