Falcon-i Pro

Pre-loaded with all of the features of our Lite service, Falcon-i Pro offers you advanced monitoring options through ignition alerts, parking watchdog, location via SMS, and even weekly summary reports.

Stay Connected

Designed to keep you in touch with your car whenever you want. Falcon-i Pro keeps you posted on your vehicle’s exact location and gives you reports on its speed, mileage, and much more all with the touch of a button.

All in One App

With Falcon-i Pro, you have complete access to your vehicle – whenever you like. Say goodbye to the days of connecting to a call centre for registering pre info or to gain information about your car. The Falcon-i app puts your car’s information in your own hands - so you can make all the decisions.

Be Secure

With Falcon-i Pro, your car is always safe. When bad things happen, we'll be there for you. Our nationwide theft recovery team is one of the best in the business.

Locate Your Vehicle

Falcon-i Pro gives you real-time data of your car’s exact whereabouts, from nearest landmarks to the exact street it is on – you can be in the driving seat from miles away. More than one car? Track each car’s whereabouts from the palm of your hand.

The Falcon-i Pro Advantage

Location via SMS

Track your vehicle’s whereabouts all through a simple SMS

Late Night Ignition Alert

Get an alert if your vehicle’s ignition is switched on in the late hours of the night

Parking Watchdog

Activate this feature and receive an alert every time your vehicle’s ignition is switched on

Value Added Services

Over Speeding Alerts

Set a speed limit for your car and get notified via SMS every time your car crosses it.
2000 SMS in Rs 6,000/- only
1000 SMS in Rs 3,000/- only

Custom Geofences

Customize geofences and get an SMS notification every time your car crosses set boundaries.
2000 SMS in Rs 6,000/- only
1000 SMS in Rs 3,000/- only

Ignition Alerts

Get notified with an SMS every time your car’s engine is switched on or off.
3000 SMS in Rs 8,500/- only
2000 SMS in Rs 6,000/- only
1000 SMS in Rs 3,000/- only

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