Falcon-i Video Live

We’ll help you keep an eye on your loved ones, record a road trip or even control how far your car can go.

See What Your Car Sees

Falcon-i Video Live empowers you to see what your car sees wherever it goes. Matched up with Falcon-i Standard, Plus, or Fleet Control, you can now be a part of every journey your car takes.

Security for the Whole Family

Video Live takes care of your entire family, from young children strapped in their car seats to young adults driving the car – we have got you covered. Now ensure your family is always safe as you remotely monitor their whereabouts and driving skills.

Gain All the Evidence Remotely

Has your vehicle been in an accident? Get the full view from Video Live and ensure your insurance claims are protected. Spotted a rash driver? Gain real time data and safeguard road safety.

Record an Entire Road Trip

Taking a scenic trip outside the city or enjoying a drive around town? Video Live will record it all for you so you can go back in time whenever you like. Make unforgettable journeys last forever!

Be Data Driven

Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators, go back in time and check the history, all whilst recording your car’s entire journey.

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