Falcon-i Video Live Plus

Live video access, multiple cameras for different viewing angles, night vision. Everything you need to ensure the safety of your driver and your cargo.

Go on a Journey

Designed to keep you in touch with your vehicle in the most meaningful way, Falcon-i Video Live Plus takes things further by installing multiple cameras for you wherever you need them. Matched up with Fleet Control, you can now be a part of your car’s every experience in every way.

Gain All the Evidence

Has your vehicle been in an accident? Get the full view from Video Live Plus and ensure your insurance claims are protected. Video Live Plus multiple cameras give you all the information you need in real-time.

Get Multiple Views

Be connected with your vehicle from every angle. Video Live Plus gives you insights into all the happenings inside and outside your vehicle. You can now be a part of every conversation inside the car, and watch as your vehicle navigates through different streets and terrain.

Download and Share

Want to share your data with a third party? With Video Live Plus, you can remotely download all your information.

Be Data Driven

Our reports put data insights at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators, go back in time and check the history, all whilst recording your car’s entire journey.

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