Packages for Individual

Falcon-i Bike Track
Falcon-i Lite
Falcon-i Connect
Falcon-i Pro

Call Center Access


Mobile Application+


Web Application

Battery Temper Alert

Car Maintenance Alerts

Custom Geo Fences



Location On Call

Location on whatsapp

Major Geo Fences Alerts


Nation Wide Monitoring

Over Speed Alert



Real time tracking

Vehicle Recovery Assistance

Engine Immobilization

Engine Immobilization**

Ignition On/Off Alert SMS




Battery Temper Alert**

City geo fence alerts

Geo Fence

Ignition On/Off Alert on App

Ignition On/Off Alert**

Live Track


N/R Alert

Specialized Technical Support

Anti Theft*

Anti-Theft Key**


Door Sensor*

Driver Behavior

Fuel Level Monitoring

Fuel Sensor*

Late Night Ignition Alert

Location over SMS

Panic Alert Sensor*


Parking Watch Dog

Temperature Alert

Temperature Sensor*

Two way communication***


Weekly SMS

We need your attention!

* Optional - hardware/VAS purchase required
** not available on plug and play devices
*** no warranty
**** Plug and play (OBD) devices are not available on Lite
.+Mobile App comes with limited features compare to Web Application

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