Press Release April 22, 2022

EFU Group Launches Embedded Insurance products with Falcon-i

Karachi: EFU Life Assurance Ltd., the leading private life insurance provider in the country, and EFU General Insurance, one of the oldest and largest insurance company in Pakistan, have recently partnered with Falcon-i, the country’s largest fleet management company, to provide insurance services for their customers. This partnership will enable Falcon-i to provide insurance coverage to passengers and drivers of the vehicles that have their tracker installed. Through this embedded insurance, this coverage will provide benefits such as hospital cash reimbursement and accidental coverage for the customers and their families.

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Press Release January 31, 2022

Supersecure and Falcon-i sign an agreement for Fully Managed SOC As-a-Service (SOC365®)

Supersecure the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and Falcon-i, the leading vehicle-tracking company of Pakistan have signed an agreement for Fully Managed SOC As-a-Service (SOC365®) to monitor, detect, report, and remediate the security issues at Falcon-i.

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Press Release January 8, 2022

Falcon-i becomes 'Analytics Partner' with Quetta Gladiators for HBL PSL 7

Falcon-i has partnered with Quetta Gladiators for the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 7. The top fleet management company of Pakistan will be the ‘Official Analytics Partner’ of the Champion of HBL PSL of Season-4.

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Press Release September 10, 2021

Vehicle-Tracking on WhatsApp – Falcon-i Revolutionizes Fleet Management

The satellite-tracking and fleet-management industry in Pakistan can foresee healthy growth in the future, mainly due to the rapid rise in vehicle prices, weak law enforcement, and the security concerns prevailing in Pakistan.

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Press Release July 04, 2021

Tracking The Future

Technological advancement has transformed almost every field imaginable. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has particularly impacted the vehicle tracking industry which has now expanded into a wide range of fleet management services.

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Press Release March 17, 2021

Hub Rally '21, A Huge Landmark For MotorSports In Pakistan

If you are a fan of Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift and fell in love with the racing style, it was nothing compared to witnessing drift on the sandy racing track. When that rally race car makes a sharp turn starting a mini sand storm, it renders you speechless. Hub Rally ’21 was a compilation of numerous such speechless moments.

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Press Release March 13, 2021

Hub Rally '21 Is Headed Forward With A Bang!

No matter how much time goes by, we can never forget the length of the ‘Fast And Furious’ franchise. They started back in the early 21st century and is still going! If we are talking about cars, why not mention the Hub Rally about to take place?!

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Press Release January 8, 2021

Falcon-i to provide advanced fleet management solutions to industry-leading enterprises

Falcon-i is Pakistan’s leading fleet management company, offering IoT (Internet of Things) based solutions that enables clients to monitor the movement and safety of their automobiles with more control and connectivity. With this progressive vision, it has recently added several industry-leading enterprises to its portfolio of over 200 corporate clients.

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Press Release December 22, 2020

Falcon-i offers Jazz customers easy e-fleet management solutions

Technology company Falcon-i will be providing vehicle tracking and fleet management services to Jazz. They have signed an agreement for the innovative white-labelled vehicle tracking, fuel management and optimisation, and live stream services.

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Press Release December 21, 2020

Falcon-i & Jazz Partner Up To Secure Your Lives In More Than One Way

Falcon-i, one of Pakistan’s leading tracking companies, has now partnered up with one of Pakistan’s leading cellular companies, Jazz. This unprecedented but welcomed venture between the two giants of their respective fields, will turn as a game-changer for car owners in Pakistan.

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Press Release December 18, 2020

Falcon-i partners with Jazz for IoT-powered fleet management solutions

Falcon-i, a leader in technology and innovation in fleet management, has recently signed a Solutions Partnership with Jazz Pakistan to provide the telecom giant with solutions for powering their Internet of Things (IoT) sales, as well as to provide crucial fleet management solutions, including tracking fuel consumption and allowing live streaming video from their various assets.

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Press Release December 18, 2020

Falcon-i partners with Jazz to improve tracking and fleet management

Falcon-i, a leading IoT fleet management company in Pakistan, has recently secured a new corporate deal with Jazz through which it will provide Jazz with different IoT Devices and sensors which best fit Jazz’s marketed solutions.

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