We care about your car

Which is why our advanced systems take every step necessary to track it, and let you know where it is whenever you want.

Real-Time Tracking

Falcon-i offers its customers real-time tracking and enables them to access their exact location anytime anywhere.

24/7 Monitoring

Falcon-i offers 24/7 vehicle monitoring and protection services. We track every movement of your vehicle and send you alerts straight to your cellphone.

Fast Communication

Falcon-i has built an efficient and effective system in place to ensure smart communication with the installed hardware in the vehicle and our systems.

Nationwide Presence

Falcon-i offers nationwide technical and customer support. No matter where you are our team will reach out to you with the required solutions and support.

Certified Hardware

Falcon-i offers certified and qualified hardware for tracking services. The devices are installed to share the exact coordinates of the vehicle and work efficiently.

Recovery Assistance

Falcon-i keeps a close eye on your vehicle and offers theft and recovery assistance all over the country. Our recovery team is one of the best in the business.

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