Our Leadership Team

Meet the team responsible for leading our employees towards our shared mission of providing the best user experience in vehicle tracking.

Falcon-i Syed Saad Salman

Syed Saad Salman


Saad was at the helm of remodeling Falcon-i in 2011. His international experience and corporate exposure played a pivotal role in the company’s

Falcon-i Team member Ebrahim Tiwana

Ebrahim Tiwana

Head of Technology

Ebrahim’s skills span across Agile Project Management, Big Data, web applications and scalable infrastructure. With a mix of business and technical

Falcon-i Team member Mohammad Imtiaz A. Aziz

Mohammad Imtiaz

CFO & Company Secretary

Imtiaz has helped organisations achieve success by crafting clear goals governed through strategy, policies, procedures and automated systems.

Falcon-i Team member Atif Majeed

Atif Majeed

Head of Sales

With 20 years of banking experience under his belt, across international and local markets, Atif is currently heading Sales at Falcon-I with a focus on Banking,

Falcon-i Team member Omar Shaikh

Omar Shaikh

Head of HR, Legal & Admin

Omar brings over 17 years of diversified experience from HR to Operations to Security Affairs. In his past roles he’s lead teams across various functions

Falcon-i Team member Muhammad Arshad

Muhammad Arshad

Head of Operations

Arshad has been instrumental in optimizing operational processes, revamping customer service and driving automation to increase service levels at Falcon-i.